Bastard Husband
Bastard Husband

Bastard Husband

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Bastard Husband novel

I offered a tight smile as I scrolled through the photos of my husband Lucas and his first love May, a bitter feeling settling in my stomach. “Are they trying to annoy me?” I muttered under my breath.

Scoffing internally, I plastered a smile and sent a sarcastic message to the chat group: “WHAT A PERFECT PAIR. YOU TWO DESERVE EACH OTHER!”

On a stormy day, Lucas abandoned his pregnant wife, Claire, for a supposed business meeting, leaving her to attend her checkup alone. Tragedy struck when Claire hurried home by herself, resulting in the heartbreaking loss of their baby. Shattered, Claire discovered that Lucas had lied-he was actually sharing tender moments with his childhood sweetheart, May. Determined to move on, Claire decided to stop loving him…

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