Behind The Alpha Book 4 CASS
Behind The Alpha Book 4 CASS

Behind The Alpha Book 4 CASS

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Cass Raven: Twenty years. Twenty years, I’ve watched friend after friend after friend get mated up, have kids and are so happy, it makes me sick. I’m trying. God knows I am, but I’m so sick of the rejection. So sick of pouring my heart out to women that just run from me. I’m a really nice guy. I have tons to offer, but you know what? No more Mr. Nice Guy. If it’s the jerk the girls love, I’ll give them just that. Ember Rose: This guy’s pathetic. He doesn’t see what he’s doing. He was apparently supposed to be mated years ago, but someone dropped the ball. Now, as usual, I get called in to fix another mess made by the Head Office. I swear, this Cass guy oozes desperation. He shouldn’t be given the gift of love, but the boss says I have to help him to get my promotion. Fine, I’ll fix the love bomber. He better get ready because I’ll be showing him, by force, what proper love feels like.

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