Behind The Alpha Book 5 Deacon
Behind The Alpha Book 5 Deacon

Behind The Alpha Book 5 Deacon

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Deacon Riley: The one thing about wolf packs is you can never beat a solid pack down. My pack has always been survivors. We always bounce back. After years of rebuilding from the Cowboy from Hell, I’m finally at a position to take in new members to help get our numbers up. It’s great for my wolves who just love a good party. I’m told one of my new pack members is hiding from me. That’s not what we do. When I introduce myself, I can’t believe a woman so stunning would hide? I can’t have that. There has to be some way to bring her out of her shell. If she wants in, she’ll have to trust us, trust me, and there’s only one way to do that. Jenny Clark: When I gathered all my courage and went on my own out west, I thought I’d just build myself a nice quiet life in the desert. Boy, was I wrong. I had no idea I moved myself into a pack full of extroverted party animals. This doesn’t sit well with my introverted self. I hide away in books…a lot. I love the fantasy world so much, I wanted a little book store to call my own. Who knew it would become a giant beacon for an Alpha who’s more of a frat jock than the ruler of a wolf pack. I just want to hide in my book shelves, but he keeps pulling me out and shoving me into his reality. It’s irritating and I’m starting to really think this pack isn’t for me.

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