Billionaire's Stubborn Slave Wife
Billionaire's Stubborn Slave Wife

Billionaire's Stubborn Slave Wife

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Billionaire's Stubborn Slave Wife novel spoil:

The determination under Lauren's eyes caused a look of disappointment to appear on Dr. Lee's face.

"Okay, I can let you out of the hospital, don't you have to promise me that you must call me sometime in the future, no matter what happens in the future, I hope, you can treat me as a friend in your life, when there is a need for me, I will definitely appear in front of you in the first time, and lend you my shoulder."

Lauren smiled and nodded, mentally saying apologies to the man in front of her over and over again.

"Miss. Li, I have to say, your charm is really unstoppable, only three days, let such an honest man, fall into the love trap you set."

Dr. Li just left, Lauren's ears, there is a familiar, but also some strange voice.

Subconsciously, she focused her eyes on the glass window.

"It's you?"

Lauren looked at the man who was walking towards him with a shocked face, his face, still hung with a silver-white mask, only revealing a pair of eagle eyes full of ice cold.

"Who the hell are you? How did you get on the tenth floor?"

If she didn't know that she lived on the tenth floor, Lauren really had to suspect that this man had the ability to turn the sky over.

The man raised the special rope around his waist.

"Miss. Li, no need to be so surprised, for my appearance, you should feel happy. Just what I didn't expect is that I actually heard such touching words outside, I just don't know how Matthew would treat this man if he knew these words, I believe he wouldn't allow a man who has greed for his woman, to live in peace."

"No telling Matthew, I'm begging you."

Lauren looked at the man in front of her with a pleading face, she couldn't forget that day, the bodies strewn around herself. The cruelty of men is deeply experienced by themselves.

"Don't worry, for the time being I have no intention to meet with Matthew, I came over today, mainly to care about you and see how you are injured."

The man's gaze, like a searchlight, swept Lauren's entire body, and Lauren looked embarrassed to avoid his revealing gaze.

"This is a new powder developed in the organization, apply it to the wounds on your body, I guarantee that four days later at the banquet, your hands, feet and ankles, will not leave any more scars, but I have to remind you, be careful, do not let Matthew see these drugs, or what awaits you, will be a cruelty you can not imagine."

After saying that, the man's eyes, flashing a strange complex look, along the open window, sliding directly to the window.

Lauren rushed straight to the window and all she saw was the man making a victory gesture to himself. Just a moment later, the man's feet had landed on the ground and he left the hospital with a smile on his face.

"Miss. Li, who were you talking to just now?"

Wang's mother walked into the ward and scanned the room with a suspicious look, but found no one but Lauren.

"No, I was alone just now. Wang Ma, you have been taking care of me these days and have not rested well, that's why your ears have this phantom presence."

"But ......"

Lauren's words made Wang's mother really doubt her ears a bit, but she was really sure that she was not so old that she was hallucinating.

"Is the paperwork done?"

Lauren changed the subject, not wanting Wang's mother to keep spinning on the topic.

Wang Ma raised the slip in her hand.

"It's done and the doctor has prescribed medication, it's just Miss. Li, are you sure you want to be discharged? We don't seem to have the young master's consent for our discharge."

Wang's mother looked at Lauren worriedly.

"Don't worry, the next thing I aim for, is Yin's Group, and I believe my presence will let him know about my discharge."

Lauren walked into the bathroom with her own clothes and took off her hospital gown.

"It's all packed, Miss. Li, let's go."

Lauren nodded and took the lead in walking out of the room. Just after walking out of the ward, he saw a reluctant Dr. Li, standing in the doorway of his office, staring at himself with unblinking eyes.

Lauren made a gesture of making a phone call and then walked straight into the elevator.

"Wang Ma, are you sure you want to go to Yin's Group with me?"

"I ......" Wang's mother had a somewhat difficult expression on her face, she was really afraid to come into contact with Matthew, especially to check out of the hospital privately without his consent.

"Wang Ma. You go back to the mansion first, I can go there by myself."

Seeing the fear in Wang's mother's eyes, Lauren said with a light smile on her face.

"Miss. Li, are you sure you can do it alone?"

Lauren nodded.

"Don't worry, I'm not as weak as you think, I won't have any problems taking care of myself, go back and wait for my news, maybe I'll go back to the mansion with Matthew, you just have to prepare some more delicious food."

Hearing Lauren say this, Wang Ma's heart was relieved and she gave a few more instructions until she put Lauren in a cab and then she returned to the Yin Residence.

Lauren has a feeling of dizziness as she steps into the familiar Yin mansion, entering again and again, only to be treated with cruelty again and again.

Lauren sighed softly and walked inside with somewhat weakened legs.

"Miss. Li, the president is in a meeting, would you like to take a break and wait."

Although too many things have happened between Lauren and Matthew, but Secretary Zhou still knows that Lauren in Matthew's heart, occupies a very important position, otherwise he would not have heard that Lauren does not eat, leaving behind all the people in the meeting, straight to the hospital, and ran several red lights one after another.

"Secretary Chow, can I wait for Matthew in his office?"

Secretary Zhou looked difficult, but once she thought of the relationship between Matthew and Lauren, she sent Lauren to Matthew's office.

Because she knew Lauren's body was injured, she made a special effort to deliver a glass of fresh milk and then turned back to the task at hand.

Looking at the familiar environment, the corner of Lauren's mouth, revealing a bitter smile. This place, they really stay too long, the previous self, can freely enter and leave this office.

But now the situation is different, she has to be led by the secretary and approved by Matthew before she can walk into this office.

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