Ceo's passion love by mistake
Ceo's passion love by mistake

Ceo's passion love by mistake

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Tragedy struck nearly 5 years ago when the once happy marriage of Natalie Smith's parents ended in an earthquake divorce.

Her father, the face of cruelty, no longer loves his family and has sent them to fend for themselves. Just when you thought they could finally rest in peace, her beloved brother faced a life-threatening heart condition and needed immediate medical attention.

Desperate and with no way out, she tried hard to make sure her brother survived. Plan Natalie? Sneak into an unknown man's room at night and pull off one last ruse, before disappearing into thin air.

Five years later, she returns to her hometown with her two children, determined to take back everything she has. As fate arranges, she meets the most powerful man in the area, who has many questions about her paternity. Will she continue to play this ruse, or will she run away again?

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