Detonate: A Dark Mafia Romance (Beneath The Mask Series Book 2)
Detonate: A Dark Mafia Romance (Beneath The Mask Series Book 2)

Detonate: A Dark Mafia Romance (Beneath The Mask Series Book 2)

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Grayson Seven years ago, I left the special forces and my home after a tragic betrayal. I carefully constructed a new life in New York. I thought I had it all. A world-famous boxing trainer by day. A Mafia hitman by night. Free to live in the darkness to do what I was trained to do. To kill. I finally felt free. But one kiss was all it took to shatter life as I knew it. The one woman who hated my guts, scaled the walls I built around my black heart. My ray of sunshine. Just when I believed I could have it all, life blows it up right before my eyes. I know how far I’m willing to go to fight for her. But can she truly love someone who could never give her the fairytale she so desperately craves?

Maddie I was sick of being the family disappointment. The one who could never get a man to stick around. So, I kissed a lot of frogs to try and find my Prince. Instead, I fell in love with the villain. The last man on earth I thought I could ever love. He might call me sunshine, but I crave his darkness. I wasn’t meant for his world, but he took me anyway, and I never wanted to leave. Sometimes life doesn’t give you a choice. Can I give up on my search when I have the monster offering me the world? Even if loving me puts us both in danger.

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