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Spoiled, self-centered, and beautiful are all words that describe Sylvie Price. As the only daughter of the Premier, Sylvie personifies what it means to be an Elite. She is perfection. The emerald wink of her OPTIC marks her as a true citizen of New Eden and--like its occupants--Sylvie’s world is without flaw. At least the Elite think so. Outside the 100-foot wall surrounding the new paradise, though, the rest of the world is plagued with the remaining tendrils of war. Rebels rage unsuccessfully against the Elite, their declared oppressors. Their captured numbers provide an endless supply of slaves termed Scabs. Fastened with their own version of OPTICS, the once proud Rebels play their new roles perfectly. New Eden would accept no less. And neither would Sylvie. After the tragic loss of her mother at the hands of the Rebels, there is no sympathy in her heart for the dissenters’ plight. The Scabs are hers to command and the Rebels hers to hate. But when fate intervenes, Sylvie finds herself at the mercy of the very people who, to her, epitomize every evil. Grudgingly, she discovers a different perspective of the Rebels and with it, secrets about her past that will change who she is forever.

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