Eric’s Spoiled Princess by Isla Rainfield
Eric’s Spoiled Princess by Isla Rainfield

Eric’s Spoiled Princess by Isla Rainfield

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In her previous life, Kate Lowe desperately tried to escape from the crazy Eric Davison, thinking that she had pursued the love she wanted. Unbeknownst to her, she caused her family’s death. The high and mighty Eric died because of the insults Kate had suffered. Kate walks straight into Eric’s life when she is reborn. The world thought that Eric would tear Kate apart. They hadn’t expected to see Kate acting like a spoiled girl while she nestled in Eric’s embrace.

“Hubby, I don’t like this company!” “Destroy it!” “Hubby, I don’t like this building!” “Tear it down.” “Hubby—” Eric kissed Kate’s delicate red lips. “Good girl, let’s not divorce. Anything you say.” Kate pulled his tie and leaned on his chest while smiling brightly. In her previous life, she mistakenly caused her family and her loved ones to die tragically. In this life, Kate slapped the cheating couple hard in public. Then, she threw herself into Eric’s embrace and acted pitifully. “Hubby, my hand hurts so much.” The cheating couple was shocked that Kate pretended to be innocent in front of Eric. Eric put his hands on Kate’s waist and said, “Any problem with me spoiling her?”

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