Fifty Shades Darker (book 5)
Fifty Shades Darker (book 5)

Fifty Shades Darker (book 5)

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Fifty Shades Darker (book 5) review:

I liked this one much better than the first one. It felt more put together and had more story that matched all the sex.

Christian is trying in this book. Trying to be more open and allowing himself to have things he didn't think he would ever have. Like a normal loving relationship that doesn't necessary involve so much pain. For him or his lover. A lot of his issues are brought forth and instead of dismissing them he's forthcoming about them and trying his best to work through it. He's still a controlling stalker, but it's hard to dislike him most of the time. Lets face it dolls, it's nice to think about having a man this devoted to you, but in real life we'd be like, naw boo. Well some of us. LOL

Ana is still a pushover. I give her kudos for doing what she did at the end of the first book, but it doesn't take her long to fall back into Christian's red room of pain. Ana is one of those girls I refer to as dick dumb. She is easily distracted by the dick. And Christian knows this and uses his dick a lot of the time to distract her from probing questions he doesn't want to answer. This is the majority of what takes place.

But in this book we get the softer more romantic Christian. He's more relatable and easier to like this time around.

Ana annoys me to no end because of the type of character she is. I can't relate to how passive she is. She tries to have a backbone but easily gives in especially when Christian's dick is involved. Her type of character is the reason why I don't read as many M/F books as I use to and have fallen into the M/M world where I am very comfortable. Her constant blabber about her inner goddess and her subconscious annoyed me the most. I have always been a guys girl and never a girls girl which is probably why I have SO many guy friends and only a handful of girl friends. I like strong women who can stand on their own and doesn't let a man be her whole world but blends him into her life.

Entertaining none the less.

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