Finding Emery
Finding Emery

Finding Emery

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Emery has been on her own since she was four years of age. Her and her dad were running from people who her mum and dad owed money to. He knew they were going to catch them so told Emery to run to his brother while he distracted them. He assured his princess he would be fine. Marcus was a lot of things including a drug user but he tried for his baby girl. He got clean but he had debt he and his girlfriend owed. He knew he wouldn't make it but didn't want them to hurt his Emmy. He gave her directions to his brothers place and told her not to stop until she got there. At six Emery is staying in a shed because she had done the one thing her daddy told her not to do. One night she hears men fighting and one sounds familiar. She crawls out to see what is happening. Michael was informed his brother and the low life girlfriend of his were dead. You see Jacqui, Emery's mum got Marcus hooked on ice and he couldn't stand the woman. The only good thing she did was give him his nephews and niece who he helped to hide when his brother asked him to get him out of it all to protect his daughter. No one knew where four year old Emery ended up after the body of his brother was found. Michael had two boys of his own, Jasper who was 20 when Marcus was found dead and Sebastian who was 17. His nephews Taz 18 and Chase who was 16 all have been searching for Emery to bring her home.

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