Finding Them
Finding Them

Finding Them

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Daniel has 4 sons with his ex-wife and things have never been great. He got a girl pregnant when he was young and married her to do the right thing. They never really loved each other but stayed together for the children. When the youngest child turned 4 his wife decided to leave and signed away her children. Daniel devotes his life to his sons, Mitchell the eldest is now 22, then Jamie who is 20, Hunter is 18 and his youngest Edward 17. Daniel is a businessman and owns an import and export business which is doing very well. His eldest son has started to help with the business and the others will too when they finish at university. Daniel has women whenever he is away for business. Daniel gets a call from a detective late one night asking him to take his two children in. He had no idea he fathered another two children at all but was forced to prove that by providing a DNA sample. Dakota and Darcy are 3-year-old twins, they have been bounced around foster care homes since birth. After they are found during a police raid a detective takes on the case of finding them a home. Dakota is the eldest by 25 minutes and a little protective of his baby sister Darcy. How will he react when 5 other males want to help care for Darcy?

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