Grand Theft Planetary & Other Stories
Grand Theft Planetary & Other Stories

Grand Theft Planetary & Other Stories

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A collection of 15 short stories; a hyper-celebrity steals a planet; a man quick-saves his life; Mars contains a horror; two friends play dare; and two students come up with a terrible experiment. This is a collection of 15 short stories of differing genres: 1. Grand Theft Planetary - a bored celebrity steals a planet. 2. My Life is Saved - a man quick-saves his life. 3. From Afar - the first Martian runs from a horror. 4. Technology Fails Me - the newest Q computers exhibit strange behaviour and an IT guy discovers that they are gaining sentience. 5. Modern Glass - a highly-strung businessman visits his daughter. 6. Man Alone - mankind is on the brink of extinction, and a survivor heads for Plymouth. 7. Barriers - mankind fights over a mysterious alien device. 8. Murve's Dog - a heartbroken man befriends a heartbroken dog. 9. Bud and Rufus Play Dare - two flatmates decide to drink and play dare. 10. I Rule - the 47th POTUS takes a test. 11. A Theoretical Question - two students decide to answer an age-old question - how many babies would it take to defeat a man. 12. Time and Punishment - a penal colony sends criminals to die in the past. 13. Farming - the rulers of the world demand progress. 14. A Visual Masterpiece - a mysterious woman brings special services to a university. 15. Ticket - an unpleasant anniversary is re-lived.

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