Grandpa's Harmonica
Grandpa's Harmonica

Grandpa's Harmonica

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When Sam starts at Jamie's one room school, he doesn't seem to fit in. Jamie thinks he's odd because he's from New York City, but he doesn't know that Sam has a secret, which will change Jamie's life. In his twelve years, Jamie could never remember a time when he didn't spend the day with his grandpa on their Iowa farm. Grandpa was Jamie’s closest friend and confidant and taught him to play harmonica by ear. Jamie and Grandpa played hymns at their church to lead the singing and filled their home with music that Grandpa said came from their hearts. But then Sam arrived at his one-room school in the seventh grade with Jamie. From the beginning, Jamie thought there was something different about Sam, but figured it was just because he was from New York City. Homer, Jamie’s best friend took an immediate dislike to some of Sam’s odd ways. When Jamie, Homer and Sam get lost in a whiteout blizzard and Sam saves their lives by digging a snow cave, they became fast friends. Grandpa was diagnosed with lung cancer and was told he didn't have much time left. When Grandpa dies two days before Christmas, Jamie is devastated. He flees the hospital to Sam’s house where together, they mourn Grandpa’s death for hours. As the trust between Sam and Jamie grows, they confide in each other and Jamie learns Sam’s secret, which sets Jamie on a path away from the farm life he'd always known.

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