Hell Off-World
Hell Off-World

Hell Off-World

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In the year 5196, mankind has spread amongst the stars, alongside several other sentient alien races. People like Captain Theresa Constantine and her crew have the job, and the privilege, of travelling to uncharted planets to aid the expansion of the United Galactic Empire. On what should have been a routine job of analyzing soil samples and cataloguing alien wildlife, the crew make an almost unprecidented discovery of the abandoned ruins of an advanced alien civilisation. What happened to the residents of this planet? Why do the crew suffer from waking nightmares as soon as the suns set? And what resides in the enormous, macabre cocoon, encased in a web of alien flesh? With time running out, the crew of the Black Comet race to snatch crew member Amy Archer from the jaws of death and escape the planet, all while ensuring that the horrors they found don't follow them back to civilisation.

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