Infinite Dark: Awakening
Infinite Dark: Awakening

Infinite Dark: Awakening

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The most powerful force the Universe has ever known has awakened... and it is Hungry! Now it looks to consume all life in the Cosmos. Can it be stopped before it consumes everything? When a Celestial Being is trapped within a Black Hole everything changes... A Black Hole has come to life and it hungers for the most complex and succulent thing it can find... Life! As planets and stars are consumed one by one a single Race of Aliens looks to stop it before it absorbs all life in the Galaxy. Commander Sarab leads her team to find a way to defeat the evil that chases them before it is too late. Can their advanced technology and intellect stop the most powerful force the Universe has ever known? A new adventure awaits; fast paced and original this story will warp you into its' world and immerse you within its' pages. Journey with Sarab as she battles an unrelenting monster, fighting for the fate of every living creature in the Cosmos. The tale is just beginning and you are along for the ride as you travel through the Galaxy, discover new and amazing Alien Races and stunning worlds. Strap in and lose yourself in the next great SciFi Adventure that will leave you entertained and hungry for more...

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