Milly Burnett’s Shocking Revelation Novel
Milly Burnett’s Shocking Revelation Novel

Milly Burnett’s Shocking Revelation Novel

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Novel Summary:

The almighty film queen unexpectedly became the vicious younger sister of six magnates? Just as she was about to leave to avoid getting in the way of her brothers spoiling the supporting actress, things took an unexpected turn. Big brother offered, “Milly, here’s a black card; use it as you please!” The second brother warned,

Touch Milly and face the consequences!” The third brother demanded, “Who dares harm Milly?” The fourth brother handed over his gold medal, saying, “Milly, take this and play with it as you like.” The fifth brother insisted, “If you want me in your movie, make sure Milly agrees first.” The sixth brother vowed, “Hurt Milly, and you’ll face our wrath!” Milly Burnett simply smirked and continued excelling in exams, becoming a movie queen, a dancer, and a designer all at once! As the six magnates proudly watched their sister shine on TV and claim the title of best actress, a man in a suit suddenly appeared with a diamond ring, proposing publicly to their sister. The brothers wasted no time in reacting, declaring, “We knew his intentions weren’t pure! Dream of chasing our Milly? Maybe in your next life!”

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