Psycho Gods: Enemies to Lovers Romance
Psycho Gods: Enemies to Lovers Romance

Psycho Gods: Enemies to Lovers Romance

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Are you ready for the men to grovel?

It’s time for war. Fight for survival and the fate of the realms.

I discovered my abilities…but that was just the beginning. Malum, Scorpius, and Orion are now fighting for me. Their power is mind-boggling. The carnage staggering. The High Court wants me to control them, but you can’t leash monsters.

Even with Sadie, Jinx, and John by my side, I’m struggling to survive. The war drums are beating and life altering secrets are being revealed.

It’s time for combat.

Let the battles begin.

*Psycho Academy & Psycho Devils must be read first.


They are true enemies. This is war. It is excessively violent. This is a reverse harem. Everyone’s a villain.

There are some intense situations in this book that might be triggering for some readers. Please beware, the last chapter of the book might cause you to laugh so hard that you cry :).

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