Saved By A Dark Billionaire
Saved By A Dark Billionaire

Saved By A Dark Billionaire

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Strap Yourself In for an Unforgettable Emotional Journey: Brace Your Heart for a Love Story Packed with Heart-pounding Twists and Unforgettable Turns, as Healing Unfolds Through the Power of Love.

Constantly getting betrayed by the people closest in her life, Olive has learned to barricade her heart. Tainted by lies and cheating, Liv decides to take life a little less seriously. Weighed down by trust issues and baggage, Liv finally lets loose and put herself back out into the casual dating world.

Free from expectations, she thought her time with Lucas would amount to nothing more than a one-night stand. Little did she know, she would get caught up in a full-blown love triangle between childhood friends. Olive meets Lucas’ best friend on campus through an accident. However, she is unaware of their connection, and ends up running into Lucas again through Leo.

Both guys want Olive, but Leo and Lucas have gone through a hell of a lot together. Leo lost his brother and father in the same accident that killed Lucas’ fiance. Intertwined by grief, they try to navigate their emotions while coping with the past. Luckily, their friendship transcends their crushes, and the men amicably decide to go after Olive.

Bonding over traumatic pasts, Olive feels that Lucas understands her in a way that others just couldn’t comprehend. Riddled with abusive family and relationships, Lucas and Liv deal with their troubled past while falling deeper in love. Everyone has baggage, but Liv will have to learn that seeking support from those who truly care about you is better than going it alone. She has been searching for someone who accepts her and all of her flaws, and Lucas provides that stability and comfort that she has always craved. This heartwarming, relatable escape will give you hope that love is possible, even for the most broken people.

Trigger Warnings

This book has mentions of physical and emotional abuse. There is mention of a past suicide attempt and a past rape. If these are topics you cannot tolerate, this may not be the book for you. This book is about overcoming these things and still finding love in the end.

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