Solarian Down
Solarian Down

Solarian Down

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Low Marshal Lenaga finds herself marooned on an ice planet. With one harmless stuttering survivor for company. But is he harmless? She’s starting to have her doubts. Lenaga peered around the edge just far enough to see a pirate coming around the back end of the shuttle. she leaned into her rifle and took aim. It was disconcerting how quiet the Hard-light rifle was. Just a “ClickClickClickClick” as four lasers blasted through the pirate. His flesh and blood boiled before instantly rupturing in goar across the snow. Just when she thought the next crewman was about to come out, the entire craft exploded in flame. Policing the badlands of your empire is tough enough for most cops. But when your people are in a war with the Solarian Nations? It can be... complicated.

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