Something Made of Vacuum
Something Made of Vacuum

Something Made of Vacuum

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A SciFi romantic comedy, funny and sweet, with a society of “Moon Men” who live 24/7 in spacesuits, and a girl from Earth who falls in love with a guy whose shell she literally can't get past. "Something Made of Vacuum" is a science fiction romantic comedy, and here’s the plot spoiler: Tom gets Helene, Tom loses Helene, Tom gets Helene back. But it happens on the Moon, where the principal business is space ports. The port workers live 24/7 in space suits and call themselves Moon Men. Helene comes from Earth on business, and finds herself falling in love with a Moon Man named Tom. Of course she wonders how Moon Men have sex (answer: they rent a hotel room), and she also wonders how she’s going to relate to a boyfriend whose shell she literally can’t get past. But Moon Men, because they rarely have any physical contact, wear their emotional hearts way out on their hard-shelled sleeves, gossip relentlessly about each other, and moreover can read each other’s vital signs, such as blood-sugar levels, from instruments built into the suits. The Moon Men women of the “village” assure Helene that Tom loves her, because his pulse rate goes up when he looks at her. They also know she loves him, based on her instrument readings. But what’s going to happen when they get intimate, which Moon Men understand to mean “Breathing air. You know, together.”? It's a romance like no other.

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