Tattooed Luna novel (Kristen and Alec)
Tattooed Luna novel (Kristen and Alec)

Tattooed Luna novel (Kristen and Alec)

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Kristen's life has never been easy. Enduring years of abuse from her stepmother, she has made the decision to break away from her pack with the earnings from her own tattoo shop. With a genius-level IQ and her own tattoo parlor, Kristen is on the brink of turning 18. But her adventure doesn't stop there. Regardless of who her suitable mate may be, Kristen is determined to carve out a life of her own.

However, life is never easy for Kristen. With her fiery personality and independence, she finds herself thrust into a situation more challenging than anything she's faced before. Alec, one of the men in her orbit, struggles to accept Kristen's independence, and their confrontation becomes more tense than ever.

"Tattooed Luna" isn't just a book, it's three books in one. Kristen and Alec's story will take you on a journey into a world full of challenges and complexities, where the power of love and the struggle for freedom must confront relentless trials. Follow their journey and discover just how much one person can endure before they let go. "Tattooed Luna," a work by Mrs. Smith, is an exhilarating and poignant adventure about the strength of patience and courage.

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