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Overpopulated and out of space, the Government collapsed long ago. The solution is a new found island filled with space and new promises. That is until Tilly, a 16-year-old girl, discovers the truth The Sectors are overpopulated and at breaking point. The Government collapsed long ago and now the Army is struggling to cope with the ever-increasing population in poverty and turning to crime. That is until Terranovus is announced - a brand new island promising new beginnings and starts. New residents are to be selected by a lottery. So when Tilly, a 16-year-old girl, beats the odds and is selected to relocate to Terranovus she begins to suspect foul play and that Terranovus is not as perfect as it makes out to be. But why would the Army lie? What are they hiding? It's Tilly's job to find out ... even if it might kill her.

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