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The Artist

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Henley is a medical mystery. Surviving the perils of being the host to her identical twin sister. A rare and dangerous pregnancy called Twin-to-Twin transfusion. The trauma of feeding her twin had left her unable to develop, and near death. She shocked them all, her reward, brutal genetic testing that identified her Beta. Nowhere near as valuable as her Omega sister. Medically misidentified, tragic events would displace her. A ward of the state, foster care would be her hell. But the goddess was watching, sending Henley a protector. One who was as damaged as Henley was beautiful. Akita Bluechild, an Alpha loyal and devoted to Henley. He was the only one who knew the truth. And while he loved her, it wasn't enough. All the years that he guarded over the vulnerable Omega, he never claimed her, even when Henley's Omega lure called to the Alpha. In a world where the strong thrived and the weak complied, Henley lived a lie—protected by the false identification and Kita. She believed herself to be safe. Instinct would not be denied, and neither would fate. Alexander Castillo would challenge Henley, her life, her love, her future.

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