The Axelridge Series Book 1 Finn's Slapshot
The Axelridge Series Book 1 Finn's Slapshot

The Axelridge Series Book 1 Finn's Slapshot

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Finn Treznor: Hockey is in my blood. Generations of Alpha sons took to the ice the moment they could walk. I was no exception. The difference between me and everyone else, I wanted something more. A high-school football cheerleader. She was my everything. At least I thought she was. With my dad pushing me hard, I managed to move to the NHL majors. I was so excited. Finally, I could get away from my overbearing, controlling father and build the life I wanted with April. She didn’t see it that way. My new found celebrity scared her and she left me. Years later we tried again, only for me to discover, I had become my father and April, she found her Fated while I was off shining for the cameras. We were over, done…until my phone rang and the most devastating news one could ever hear was told to me. I need to change my ways if I’m ever going to be the man that April and her son, Ben, need. Especially, now that I discovered an underground crime ring in my city connected to the New York Lycans, our enemies since Axelridge was young. We’ve been beating them off for years, but it seems they have a new weapon, one that destroys from within. If I don’t become the Alpha everyone needs, I could lose Ben, April and my entire pack without a single shot fired.

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