The Consort
The Consort

The Consort

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When the Beasts invaded 200 years ago, it took them mere weeks to overthrow the human government and eliminate most of the population. Those who survived were put into slavery, forced to spend their lives serving the royal families and wealthier Beasts. Adeline has been a servant for the royals for as long as she can remember. It was hard work, but she felt lucky that we was born and raised in King Richard’s kingdom. He was a kind ruler, and his humans were often treated well. King Heloix, on the other hand, is known for his ruthlessness. He has little tolerance for his fellow Beasts, and even less for humans. Rumors are that his servants are often killed as punishment for even the smallest mishaps, and to survive even a year while working for him is an accomplishment. When Adeline is transferred to King Heloix’s castle, it takes him only seconds to recognize who she is to him. Will he accept her as his mate or reject her existence?

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