The Falcon Ridge Series Book 1 She's Not For You
The Falcon Ridge Series Book 1 She's Not For You

The Falcon Ridge Series Book 1 She's Not For You

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Anna Riker: Everyone deals with demons in their own way. Me? I like fighting, drinking and men. I don't want boyfriends or any kind of commitment. I do everything on my own. My life is perfect. I live and work in a military town called Falcon Ridge. I work for the city's Border Patrol and hate the Security Unit guys that live here. I have no patience for them at all. That was until one soldier crossed paths with a Rogue. I saved his life, and now he's trying to make me feel things I don't want to. The problem is I can't stop it. Michael Dorian: I know I'm being used. I've been Anna's hook up for years. I was happy just pleasing her. I was happy not committing to her. That was until she started seeing this soldier. Now I'm a powder keg waiting to explode. Anna's mine, and I will prove it to her. Even if I have to commit treason to do it. River Blake: I want my title. It's my birth right. My father won't give it to me until I find my fated, but that could take forever. At least I thought it would. When the border agent saved me, she did something inside me. Now, I don't care about my title. Anna needs me whether she believes it or not. I'm going to help her fight her demons, and hopefully, this sexy biker will be mine forever.

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