The "Fire Hawk MC"

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"I hope you will like it here Cindy." "I know you are scared of bikers but those men over there would never hurt or harm you." "I know that mom but it can't be helped." "I get panic attacks when I am around them." "It will soon go away Cindy." "I don't know about that mom." "I sure hope it does because dads job is to work with them." "And I still have nightmares sometimes." "I saw mom sigh." "I know that honey you have woken the whole house a time or two and only one of your brothers can calm you down." "I am sorry mom." "Not your fault Baby girl. Those bastards caused that." "Mom do I have to go over there tonight?" "Yes, you do." "The members wives have been cooking for two days to welcome us to the club." "Oh, I guess it would not be polite to skipp that." "No it would not be polite at all." "So go put on something nice." "I walked up the stairs and showered before putting my the new jeans and my shirt that said; "Tell me a rule and I will teach you to break it." "Then went down stairs." "Nice Raymend said looking at me." "Always the rebel now aren't you?" "Raymend you guys taught me to become a hard ass but those mother fucking rapist forced me to learn how to fight."

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