The Heiress’ Hidden Alliance
The Heiress’ Hidden Alliance

The Heiress’ Hidden Alliance

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Book Summary

Life was complicated enough, but what if it also included a flash marriage, slow-burn romance, reincarnation, and a fake heiress? Determined to exact revenge on her scheming family and the fiancé who betrayed her, Aurelia Shaw struck a deal with the head of Jacaster’s most prestigious family, the Quigleys. According to the agreement, the couple would be secretly married for three years, after which they would get a divorce and go their separate ways.

As expected, it didn’t take long before the treacherous people in Aurelia’s life ganged up with other influential figures and threatened to destroy her. However, as soon as those bigwigs realized who she had on her side, they fell to their knees and begged for mercy… On the day the agreement expired, Aurelia stared at the couple at Jacaster’s grandest engagement party and slammed the divorce papers down. “Single and seeking marriage. Interested parties may send me a private message,” she announced during a live stream, causing tens of thousands of people to flood her DMs. Just as she was about to read her messages and check out the slew of handsome men, a man’s face suddenly appeared behind her on screen. “Darling, shall we take a bath together?” he asked. Unfortunately, before anyone could react, the live-streaming platform’s server crashed. Wait a minute… Wasn’t that man Matthew Quigley?

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