Time to Realize His
Time to Realize His

Time to Realize His

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Time to Realize His” A battered young girl lay tightly restrained on the operating table in a secluded private clinic. She struggled desperately, but due to prolonged abuse, her weakened body could not muster any strength. “Don’t bother wasting your energy.

I will replace your heart with Molly’s today.” A familiar voice came from above, causing Celia Leif’s body to stiffen. She raised her head abruptly and looked at John Nelson in disbelief. “Why?” “Hmph.” John sneered and looked at Celia with mockery and pity. “Celia, you don’t really think I have feelings for you, do you?” “What did you say?” Celia’s mind went blank in an instant, her trembling lips pale with disbelief as she looked at John. Even though John had subjected her to countless abuses after their marriage, and even though he appeared at an inappropriate time, she still made excuses for him subconsciously. He must have his reasons. However, John’s cold words dealt her a harsh blow!

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