Torl's Journey
Torl's Journey

Torl's Journey

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Born with talents that made him an enemy of the state, Torl learned early to hide who he was. Now at last he has the resources to make a run for it hoping to find the fabled Aleron. "What is it Jelru? What's the matter?" "Didn't you hear a word I said? There's a Witch on planet!!!" Torl's stomach flipped upside down. "The Master Huntress spotted a power gathering just a few parses from town. She's called for an immediate house shutdown...we will be locked out if you don't hurry up!" Torl began to run with her, but he found it very hard to breathe with his heart in his throat. His mind raced as a clammy, cold panic engulfed him. A Master Huntress...Oh my God, they have a Master Huntress here? He'd been a fool! How could he escape a Master Huntress? The only chance I've got, he thought, is if she doesn't come near...

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