Twice Blessed ~ Matthew’s Story
Twice Blessed ~ Matthew’s Story

Twice Blessed ~ Matthew’s Story

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Ella Cassidy is human.. Living in the small town of Forest Glen. She works at a little diner there.. her customers are mostly wolves. It’s just her and her stepfather in the house, now. Her mother disappeared five years ago. Ella knew she was running off with the man she’d seen in her visions. Yes. Ella is clairvoyant.. she just never sees her own life. She has four months before her eighteenth birthday and she can get away from Fred, for good! Matthew Landon is the local Alpha. Their pack is about thirty miles North of Forest Glen. He is seldom in town.. but he sends his Beta, Maverick in to check on the lone wolves. Maverick has become friends with Ella.. much to Fred’s dismay. He demanded she never be friends with wolves. Like she would listen to him, anyway. Ella knows danger is coming her way. Her sight tells her that much.. It’s up to her to figure it out, before it happens.

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