Worth Dying For
Worth Dying For

Worth Dying For

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I’m returning home.. after three years.. Going back to the place of my own personal hell! My name is Marisol Andrews.. oldest child of Anna and Robert Andrews.. publishers extraordinaires. One of the wealthiest families in Columbus.. In a world of digital books.. my family was an innovators in the industry. I fled home.. moved to London.. and opened Mandrew Publishing House.. My company is my parents’ biggest competitor. There is a reason for my animosity. I was engaged. For two years.. I was so in love with Jason Tyler.. he was my everything. Until the day I came home from school earlier than planned.. and found him fucking my sister. And by finding, I mean, walking into our apartment and catching the two of them.. butt assed naked riding off into the sunset. Crushing me.. ripping my soul from my body.. and in my pain, I made a mistake.. and changed the course of my life forever…

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