Acid Reign : Genesis
Acid Reign : Genesis

Acid Reign : Genesis

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In a mutated and desolate future, where the corrupt government, greedy commerce barons, and renegades fight for control of the last city on Earth, an unlikely group of scavengers must ch In the not so distant future, a scientific discovery promises to fix our ailing world from centuries of abuse but will end up being the very thing that destroys it. One hundred years after this apocalypse the only surviving city, Nucrea, is making a comeback. One problem though, there is nowhere else to go. Outside the walls of the city is a radiated wasteland known as “The Fringe”. Here mutated creatures and the feral remnants of humanity roam. This wasteland is our scavengers’ playground. Ripp, Lilly, and Gus are the best at what they do. With Ripp’s modified hot-rod, they scour the ruins of a world long destroyed, looking for anything they can sell, all while battling the elements, the hellish residents of the Fringe, and when necessary, other survivors. Chaos ensues and our group of scavengers ends up in the middle of a war for domination of the last city on Earth. A ruthless military leader who has a plan to enslave what is left of humanity and a rebellion that is recklessly fighting for a better future Questions arise about how Nucrea survived the apocalypse and what is in store for the City. One man must decide whether to sacrifice his family or help enslave the remain,

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