Altered Children
Altered Children

Altered Children

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The Jitzan battle cruiser and Silkaran assault spacecraft carrier, both surrounded by their screens of protective and supporting vessels, hung in space one light-year from Earth. In 2022, over 200 families discover their four-year-old children are developing telepathic, clairvoyant and telekinetic abilities, but also have nightmares of being taken and examined by strange-looking people. Worried parents seek answers from their doctors. Brain scans uncover an artificial structure in each child's brain. Who could do this, and why? Fifty-two light years away, the Silkar Union’s civilian leaders learn of its military's covert activities against earth, violating the laws of Silkar and the League of Worlds. They find allies in the military and struggle to avert a civil war, and possibly an interstellar war. By mid-2026, the families learn how tightly entwined are the fates of earth and Silkar. The children ascertain that earth's governments cannot protect them and have agendas that could endanger them. A group of children, aided by their families, doctors, teachers, and other children act to save themselves, avert disaster on earth and stop Silkar's military from overthrowing its civilian government. Altered Children (Book 1 of the League of Worlds trilogy) combines hard science fiction with sharp political and social observations in an exciting adventure story

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