Brink by Mikel Parry
Brink by Mikel Parry

Brink by Mikel Parry

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Hurtling through time in a high-stakes game of cat and mouse, Thomas “Tommy Gun” Ghune finds himself on an insane collision course with a psychopathic killer. At stake? The fate of the entire world. Life has cursed Thomas Ghune with a hyper-logical brain allowing him to see connections others cannot. His mind efficiently analyzes clues, patterns, and crime scenes in the blink of an eye. This fantastic ability has earned him a reputation as a brilliant crime solver. But this unique talent comes at a terrible cost. Thomas has a tough time maintaining relationships. Therefore, when an armed intruder kills the love of his life during a robbery, Thomas’ world is shattered. Broken and depressed, he stands at the edge of a precipice, ready to end his life. A well-informed stranger from a mysterious organization interrupts the legendary crime solver’s high dive from a bridge with an insane proposition. Tommy Gun has a decision to make. It is a decision that could radically change the course of world events as well as unlock the secrets of his past. And, it is a decision that will pit Tommy Gun’s brilliant mind against a deviant killer bent on a terrible vengeance. As this dangerous game plays out, the world is beginning to collapse around him. Will Thomas possess the strength and courage to let go of himself, his fear, and his past. There is so much at stake! And time is of the ess

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