Children of the Plague [NOW AVAILABLE ON KINDLE]
Children of the Plague [NOW AVAILABLE ON KINDLE]

Children of the Plague [NOW AVAILABLE ON KINDLE]

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Aidren Alson has been stuck in The Walker Military Protection and Reintegration Facility for four years. Six months before his arrival, a deadly virus spread across the world killing most of the population. Aidren and others were told the virus caused the activation of specific abilities and were taken into protective custody by the government because they were dangerous to others. Told the activation of his powers caused his parents' death, Aidren was classified as a Carpenter, those who manipulate plant matter. The other classes are Welders and Sirens, who can manipulate metal and soundwaves. Plagued from recurring nightmares of his father’s voice and knowledge that his powers are different from others, he believes that he is being lied to and wants answers. New chapters with be posted twice a month on the 1st and 15th. Also posted on Royal Road. If you would like to read up to five chapters ahead, you can support me on Patreon: Children of the Plague (The Virus Gene Saga Book 1) by M.L. Cooper via @amazon

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