Coming Home For Christmas
Coming Home For Christmas

Coming Home For Christmas

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Six years ago, Lacey Carpenter was living the dream. She had been accepted into a top New York college to study teaching and she was engaged to marry her childhood sweetheart Dylan Tate but her perfect life and perfectly planned future came crashing down when she caught Dylan cheating on her with her brother Luca and to make matters worse she went to drown her sorrows at a local bar only to end up in bed with her brothers best friend Logan Black. Unable to stay in New York City anymore, Lacey ran away and for the past six years, she's been living in London England under the name Lacey Wright with her kids and best friend Carmella. How is Lacey going to react when the holidays arrive and she's stuck between whether or not she should stay in London or go home to New York?. Will she finally decide to go back home and confront her past?. How will she react when she sees Logan again and he confesses his love for her?. Will she believe him when he says he didn't know she was the one he'd had s*x with? and will she allow him to be a part of their baby's lives?. Will Luca and Dylan's betrayal ultimately turn out to be a blessing in disguise for her? But most importantly, can Lacey let go of the past, forgive her family and enjoy a happy family Christmas with the ones she loves the most? only time will tell.

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