Dark Dragons
Dark Dragons

Dark Dragons

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Given the ability to use their video game skills to fight off an alien invasion, Darren Seymour and his friends might be the only hope left for the world as we know it. Upon receiving a hypnotic warning of an impending attack from a crashed alien craft, eighteen year old Darren Seymour has more on his mind than just scraping through school and playing video games. Along with the telekinetic warning came powers of awesome ability. Now given the chance to control aerial weapons of destruction and deadly combat suits with nothing more than his subliminal mind, Darren and his friends have the power to come to the aid of the very human race itself. But as the threat of alien attack looms and the characters closest to Darren become ever more convoluted, can he keep his cool and lead the world to salvation or will the fabric of history be forever twisted and ripped beyond repair?

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