Darkness upon the Land
Darkness upon the Land

Darkness upon the Land

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When a solar storm devastates technology, Alexia must keep her ability hinting of the paranormal a secret. But attacks on her home convince her to use the talent she resents at the risk of her safety It's the end of an age.... Sixteen-year-old Alexia Gautreaux already has problems of her own when a massive solar storm devastates modern technology. She causes objects to mysteriously move or break when she has an emotional outburst, and that developing ability must be kept secret. The threat of others to misuse it would challenge her very humanity and the basic rights that come with it. But when her cohort Reuben helps her seek security in the swamps of Louisiana, repeated attacks upon her home convince Alexia that the talent she resents cannot remain suppressed. At the risk of her own safety while she confronts challenges to her compassion, she must take a stand to protect the lives of those around her. And that might draw the attention of the very people she must avoid at all costs. Book One of a four book series

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