Deliver Us Huis
Deliver Us Huis

Deliver Us Huis

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Discontent with her home planet's corruption and violence, huisic heiress Telyina raises an Anthrollem army to stage a world domination attempt. But how much violence can a good heart condone? After witnessing the brutality in the streets of Huis, Telyina decides she needs to do something about the violence in her corrupt home planet. Working to stage a complete takeover of the current government, Telyina relies on her friend Petrus, his brother Nickolai, and her guardian O'Malley. As she uses her inheritance to build an android army called the Anthrollems, Telyina discovers that ending violence only breeds more violence. But is it more than she can condone? And if she doesn't come to power, who will stand in the way of the atrocities slowly tearing her planet apart?

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