Diversion To Urasha
Diversion To Urasha

Diversion To Urasha

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Crystaline’s heart began to ache. It was all coming back to her now, everything. Crystaline always hated this moment. The moment when she would wake up and remember her life for what it actually was. Diversion to Urasha is the first instalment of an exciting new YA/sci-fi adventure. Diversion to Urasha is action packed and character driven, with twists and turns you will not see coming. A new era has begun on Earth. Humans no longer live in a world inhabited by humans and animals, they live in a Universe teeming with life. James and his best friend, Lottie must face their very first mission into space together - an aid mission to ally Planet Nebowska. Along the way, the gargantuan Earthship is attacked, and forced to crash land on Planet Urasha. Faced with an impossible decision, the humans are forced to strike a dangerous deal with the Urashan King. James must separate from Lottie and travel through the dangerous Urashan wilderness with Prince Crystos and Princess Crystaline. What creatures lurk in the Urashan wilderness? What secrets lie on Planet Urasha? Can James and his team survive? Discover the truth behind the Urashan people.

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