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EIGHT is an android. She is programmed for one thing to detect, find and destroy the resistance. But when she meets the resistance, she starts to question everything she knows. EIGHT, looks like an every day Golordian female, from one of the moons of Golordia Prime. However, looks can be deceiving. She is actually an android. She has been programmed for one thing. Find the faction code named GABE, infiltrate them, find their leader Code named Zero, and kill him. But when she meets the members of GABE she starts to question her programming, and question the man that built her, her own father Norman Hunraken. This story is set on the same moon as my other stories of Subject: One and The Chronicles of the Wolf, EIGHT is a short story of things that happened on Rho 60 years before Behemet appeared on it in the Chronicles of the wolf!

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