Exterminator : The Dark Beneath
Exterminator : The Dark Beneath

Exterminator : The Dark Beneath

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Jack works as an Exterminator in an Arcology on the planet Ares. He's just looking to finish his contract killing pests but has to fight for his life when nightmare creatures rise from the depths. Ares is a barren red planet owned by the Gentech megacorporation, Home to the Arcology, a self-sustaining pyramid city of metal and glass filled with R&D laboratories and manufacturing plants. It employs and houses thousands of highly skilled workers and scientists, providing all their needs in a tailor-made environment of bright light and cleanliness. Jack is not one of them. He's an Exterminator, a group of ex-convicts and malcontents fitted with invasive cybernetics and outfitted with ex-military exoskeleton armour. Their job: to patrol the maze of maintenance shafts and old mine tunnels beneath the Arcology to exterminate the pests that infest the tunnels below. Jack spends his days slogging through filth and darkness amongst abandoned tunnels and mines, burning pests as he counts down the remaining days of his contract when he can finally leave and journey back to earth. But Something has entered the darkness beneath the Arcology, a new predatory species, feeding on the rats and spreading upwards. Soon Jack finds himself fighting against a foe driven by unquenchable hunger, and all his gear and knowledge may not save him from the Darkness rising from beneath the Arcology.

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