Finding Bailey
Finding Bailey

Finding Bailey

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The Williams boys live with there father after there mother left five years ago. Brax now 23 has accepted his mother's departure from his life and wants nothing to do with her. Bodie now 20 also has accepted that his mother is an addict and nothing he says or does will change that. But Blair who is now 18 still holds our hope his mum with change and realise what she left behind. Nelson is the boys father and stepped up when his wife left divorcing him and signing away her rights to her boys. He devoted his life to his boys happiness. He let them make their own choices when it came to there mother. He never once said a bad word about her as she was still there mum. Melanie was lured away from her husband by her childhood sweetheart who got her addicted to coke. She left everything behind for her fairytale or so she thought. When she was pregnant with her fourth child, her childhood sweetheart Tyrone left her because she became sober and was no fun. She promised that when Bailey was born she would stay clean. Tyrone came back when Bailey was three months old and soon Melanie was back snorting coke every chance she got. Many times Bailey was left alone for days crying in her cot. Melanie and Tyrone got themselves into trouble. They owed a lot of money to the dealer and Melanie reaches out to her youngest son for help. The help she gets isn't what she expects at all.

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