For Every Action - The Quantum Mechanic Series Book I
For Every Action - The Quantum Mechanic Series Book I

For Every Action - The Quantum Mechanic Series Book I

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Young prodigy Jacob Saylor dares to lift the hood on the engine of God's creation... and is transformed against his will into something beyond our understanding. From an early age everyone knew that Jacob Saylor was different… Even as a child he possessed mental abilities that rivaled some of the world’s most advanced intellects. Abilities that revealed to him an incredible pattern interwoven into everything. So as a rash and impulsive young man he runs away to the Middle East's religiously fueled wars, determined to find answers. But just when he and his brother are about to locate the final piece to theequation - they inexplicably vanish... only to reappear nearly two years later. They're covered in horrible scars and are unable to remember anything. When he finally returns home the world’s most promising scientific mind is broken, plagued by madness and completely shattered by an experience he cannot recall. But as the years pass Jacob realizes that something is growing inside him... an ability so terrifying that if he fails to control it he may shred the very fabric of reality. A dangerous and apocalyptic power that the world will desperately need - for a horrifying conflict is coming. A cataclysmic war against bio-synthetic monsters spawned from our darkest and most terrifying nightmares.

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