For The Love of A Wolf
For The Love of A Wolf

For The Love of A Wolf

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My name is Lynette Devereaux. I’m originally from New Orleans. I’m a no-nonsense half witch/half werewolf. My father is Alpha Massimo Devereaux.. a pure blood. My mother is Collette Fremont. She is my father’s true mate..but she is a witch…therefore making her unacceptable to him. He found her, mated her and left her. All in one night. I’ve never met him…I plan on never meeting him.. his brother Andre’..he’s more a father to me than my own. Andre’ taught me how to be a wolf. And he taught me to take no shit from anyone! I have been trained to fight since I could walk. And I’m mouthy and sassy….and incredibly sarcastic . But nobody’s perfect..right!? We are moving. To Tennessee. This should be fun…and that is sarcasm! Wish me luck!

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