Forgotness: Book 1: 200m
Forgotness: Book 1: 200m

Forgotness: Book 1: 200m

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The ice-caps have melted & Northern Europe is underwater. A few survive on the hilltops of England, They dream of getting to higher ground: Scotland. Post-glacial isostatic rebound occurs as polar ice melts. This allows the dormant volcanoes to become active again, completing the ice melt. Northern Europe is particularly badly affected by the floods that followed. What is left of the United Kingdom survives in the highlands of Scotland and the Pennines. A ticketing system has allowed the rich to buy their way to safety. The remaining citizen refugees are bombed to take pressure off the walls built around this new nation of Topland. The religions fight for supremacy in the new world as Armageddonist Evangelicals strive to finish it. There are survivors on the hilltops of England, fighting the floods, radiation and hunger, searching the waters for tools and old technology to help them survive. They dream of being allowed into Topland. One such group has a plan. But Felix would prefer a pint. Forgotness was written April September 2016. Attempts were made to edit it in 2017. To plan to write next book 2019.

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