Friends of the Sky
Friends of the Sky

Friends of the Sky

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Clay was hanging around Maine, working a crap job: he flew freight shuttles into orbit. He got a new job. His new job was fighter pilot. In "The Road to Bluehorse," Clay and his colleagues helped found the Human colony in the Bluehorse system, and defended it from actual aliens. In the process, Clay fell in love--then out, then in again and out again, until he and Rachel realize they belong together. In "Homeward by Night," Clay and Rachel are sent back to Earth to report--and get married. Oh, and they find out that their alien enemies are also allies, and that the real enemy is the furry starfish-like Ngugma, who went to all the trouble of eliminating the Human population of Earth so they could mine the planet's mantle. Now, in "Friends of the Sky," Clay and Rachel and their friends, and a growing cadre of former enemies turned allies, confront the Ngugma--and then travel to the far end of the Orion Arm of the galaxy to face the ultimate enemy, the foe that drove the Ngugma to desperate extremes. And maybe raise a family.

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