Future Findings
Future Findings

Future Findings

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My name is Abid Decker, and I would be the first person to undergo cryogenesis while alive and come back thousands of years in the future. It was much smaller of a place than I had originally thought. The long hallway that Eddie had led me down was really the only sizable place-- other than the Living Quarters. They were just a few feet past the Office room, and that was where I met Angus and Beck. It was bright in the living quarters. Rows of bunk beds, room for at least 40 people to sleep on, were placed neatly in the room. Lanterns hung from the ceiling, and a few sat next to beds that were clearly inhabited. Multiple beds had sheets and bags sprawled over them, but the majority seemed empty. A bull of a man sat on the lower bed of the bunk closest to the door. He gave me a cursory look when I entered the doorless room. Tank, I couldn’t help but think. Though there were multiple people in the room, the only other one not under the covers was a very small lady, who sat atop her bunk a few rows down. She seemed to be reading a massive book, but set it down and dropped to the floor when she noticed me. “You the new guy?” she called to me in a very high-pitched voice.

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