Goddess’ Blessing
Goddess’ Blessing

Goddess’ Blessing

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Jacob Taylor. He said he was mine forever. My mate. The other half of my soul. My heart. Mine forever. Until he wasn’t. His father forced him into an arranged mating. He was there..and he was mine. For two weeks. Then he was gone. And the pain I felt from his mating the one his father chose…could kill my baby. And I would be damned if I allowed that Alpha family take one more thing from me! My dad is the only one who knows. My brother is going to be Jacob’s Beta. He’s never been my biggest fan, anyway. My dad is sending me away. And I need to go! I need to protect my baby. My name is Jolene Garrett. My father is the beta to Alpha John Taylor of River Run pack. And he is sending me to my mother’s pack in Montana… White Moon Pack. I am a white wolf. A healer. And I’m about to be a single teenage mother. Because my mate said he would be mine forever. Until he wasn’t.

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